Orbit and avanzAR

Orbit: Interactive stroke rehabilitation adaptable game:

The purpose of this project was to incorporate the capabilities of actuators, sensors and micro-controllers in order to create a product that would be therapeutic, useful or entertaining to stroke victims. Having had a brother who suffered through a stroke at a very young age and watching him recover to near-full mobility by performing activities he found fun was of interest to me.

Team members: James Hopfenblatt, Alex Willenbrink, Wang Xingyu, Wade Lucas,

Graphic design: Ehsan Naderi


An Augmented and Virtual Reality tool that inputs musculoskeletal data onto engaging, data-driven, and data-visualizing games and tools for physical therapists

UM System-wide entrepreneurial competition for students and graduate students. Our team was shortlisted but withdrew our project due to scheduling difficulties

Team members: James Hopfenblatt, Jayedi Aman, Amir Mehdi Mofrad