• Hardware Used:

    • Z-Space Virtual and Augmented Reality monitor

    • HTC VIVE Pro

    • Meta 2 Holographic Headset

  • Sofware Used:

    • 3ds max for 3D modeling

    • Unity and C# For scripting, interaction and hardware integration


Cube-AR consists of the precursor to the 9-Cube VR project. In the original exercise in abstraction, students would take a 3" x 3" x 3" composition and later design a larger 9" x 9" x 9" abstract composition via transformation and translations. In this project, students utilize AR to design a small composition which the will later transform to a larger composition.

Related Publication:

Hopfenblatt, J., & Balakrishnan, B. (2018). The "Nine-Square Grid" Revisited: 9-Cube VR, An Exploratory Virtual Reality Instruction Tool for Foundation Studios, in Proceedings of the annual conference of Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, pp. 463-471

Early Iteration of Cube-AR project testing User Interface and Solid/Void Modeling and model scaling