Historic Exhibit

175-Year Anniversary Historic Costume Collection

As an early exploration into the capabilities of virtual reality, 3D capture, narrative, storytelling and the potential for journalistic uses of these technologies.


A virtual historic costume exhibit that captures pieces reflecting the 175th anniversary of the University of Missouri (Mizzou). As these historic dresses are fragile, they are stored in a climate-controlled archive and only displayed in publically for a very limited time. The project integrates digital 3D scans and computer modeled costumes belonging to historic Mizzou personalities with digital designs of current students from Textile and Apparel Design department. The project takes the user on a VR walk through from the quad adjoining Mizzou’s historic Memorial Union through the Gwynn Hall gallery and lounge through various historic dresses and designs of current students. Virtual reality provides a great opportunity to recreate historic costumes that are fragile and are risky to be displayed physically. It simultaneously provides an opportunity to display dresses that are still in the design phase and yet to be physically realized.

Development: James Hopfenblatt, Michael Lam, Ehsan Naderi