James Hopfenblatt

Ph.D. Student, Research Assistant and Instructor
Department of Architectural Studies, University of Missouri

About me:

I am a Graduate Research Assistant and instructor at the Department of Architectural Studies at MU. I serve as the lab manager for the Immersive Visualization Lab under the supervision of Dr. Bimal Balakrishnan. My responsibilities as lab manager include technical development of virtual and augmented reality visualizations and simulations for multiple interdisciplinary projects funded by federal agencies such as FHWA, ARL, MODOT, etc. I also coordinate efforts of lab members for various demonstration events in the lab. I draw on the experience I have received through academic training in art, design, advanced visualization, human-computer interaction, and research, as well as my professional experience working with digital fabrication and a multitude of collaborative projects.

Before pursuing a doctorate, I completed a Master of Arts degree in Architectural Studies with an emphasis in Design with Digital Media. I completed various projects that introduced me to simulation technology, advanced 3D visualization, which lead to collaborations with faculty and mentors in Journalism (Dr. Clyde Bentley), Civil Engineering (Dr. Carlos Sun and Dr. Praveen Edara), and Textile and Apparel Management (Dr. Jean Parsons). My graduate coursework includes classes in human-computer interaction, applied statistics, design thinking, architectural robotics, and transportation geography.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies, which I received in 2010, I completed a Minor in Art that same year. As an undergraduate, I competed in the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition, where our team placed 11th out of 20 international teams under the guidance of Professor Michael Goldschmidt and Barbara Buffalo. I have also presented my work in various galleries, performed drawing and painting demonstrations, and created live art for various shows and fundraisers over the years.

Selected Work:

Educational Tools for Design

Human-In-The-Loop Simulations

Media Of The Future


Additional Creative Work