Additional Creative Work

2018 COMO Game Jam-- 48 Hour game development challenge

"You have woken up with no memory in a place that does not look familiar. Using the controls of W,A,S,D, you must walk around talking (clicking on) to Half-Lives (Shadows) to determine what they know. Throughout your journeys you will be prompted with dialogue options that will determine what you learn from each “person.” Each option is labeled to a corresponding number that you choose (with the numbers on the keyboard).

In the end, will you swipe all the memories and find out what has happened, or will you forever be stuck in this place?"

Team members: James Hopfenblatt (Game Developer), Jared Bradshaw (Graphic Design) , Rebekah Mauschbaugh (Story and sound)

Link to download game:

Traditional art and design

Digital portrait sketches

Mural painted in Paint Louis 2014 as invited artist

Experimental 3D composition

Digital Painting of Conceptual Character

Digital Painting/Caricature

Oil Composition